—  History's Sanitization of Non-Violence —  Virtual Gathering

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Speaker: Jason Porath
: The Mighty Orq

Talk Description: 
The instant one associates a social movement with violence, it suddenly fails to meet the gold standards of Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr.'s non-violent examples -- but is that a fair comparison? In a half-hour talk, author Jason Porath investigates the differences in perception and reality of historical social movements.

Speaker Bio: Jason Porath
In a past life, Jason Porath used to work on animated movies such as How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Croods, and Kung Fu Panda 2. In 2014, he left the film industry to start Rejected Princesses: a blog-turned-book-series that celebrates the lives of little-known women with thoroughly-researched and illustrated histories of their lives. He lives in Los Angeles, where he works on screenplays and novels, in between singing a lot of karaoke.

Muscian Bio:
"American music at its finest; with an arresting and nuanced voice, and a singular guitar style The Mighty Orq solo or with his band is powerfully soulful. 

Orq’s latest album, “Solo at the Bugle Boy” is now available on all digital music platforms! Recorded live at his sold out concert in La Grange, TX, the album is equal parts grit and honey. Songs range from the raw slide blues played on his National resonator, to folk, contemporary instrumental guitar music, and even eastern sounds performed on the cigar box. The varied sounds and musical ideas offered on this album are a rare treat for music lovers, and an exciting snapshot of one of Texas Music’s rising stars."

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