Oasis has a great program where young children can explore science, ideas, education, and fun!

First Timers Kids’ Room Edition 


  • Kimberly – Co-director is a retired teacher has taught 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade as well as computer classes. She has taught Gifted & Talented classes that have included mainstreamed Special Needs students.  

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  • Members of the Houston Oasis community 

  • All volunteers pass a Background check  


  • Freeplay with children of varying ages is healthy for children. It gives them time to exercise their imaginations, learn social skills, and builds community 

  • Child Care at Sunday Gatherings is free.  


  • We get messy so things that are easy to wash. 

  • We go outside the last 30 min weather permitting. Kids should wear clothing suitable for 30 min outside.  


  • Minimum – When the parents are ready. Usually toddlers (Parents will be called to change diapers) 

  • Maximum – Usually 5th graders, but sometimes older kids come in because the main talk isn’t appropriate for them or they are bored.  

Signing in and Out 

  • Please sign your child in and out at the sign in area and include a cell phone number so that we can text you if your child needs you. 

  • Please initial the form when you sign your child out.  

  • All parents are required to sign the Child Care Policy once a Year. This form will be signed the first day they come and then each August following. 

  • All kids need to have a name tag. Blue means you are giving permission for volunteers to post pictures to Houston Oasis Social Media. Red means you do not want your child’s picture posted.  We may text you a picture of your child doing something cute or showing off their art work. Put the child’s name on the front, and your phone number on the back. Then use the protectors and safety pins to attach to your child’s clothing. At the end of the day simply leave on the table and volunteers will collect them. If you have multiple children you can use a binder clip to keep them together. Next week they will be on the table for you to use.  

  • We want the kids to be part of the Houston Oasis Community. To facilitate their participation fliers about upcoming social and volunteering events that kids are invited to are posted on the Trifold at the sign in area. For safety reasons volunteer events have minimum ages set by the charity we are helping.  


  • 10:00 – 10:30 Kids arrive with parents, get settled in  

  • 10:30 Story time 

  • 10:45 – 11:30 Inside Free play 

  • 11:30 – 12:00 Outside free play weather permitting. The playground is in the sun, has climbing equipment, and wood chips. Children should be dressed to comfortably play. We take the water cooler and cups out with us.  

Personal Electronics/Toys 

  • Personal toys are allowed. Please make sure to tell the volunteers and they will photograph the child and toy. That way if it gets mixed in with Oasis toys we know what we are looking for. Kids can share their toys but are not required to.  

  • Barker Ripley has WIFI  t is filtered due to being a school.  

  • Electronics are allowed. They are not shared due to different family rules and the chance of them being dropped on a concrete floor. Electronics are put away, during outside time.  


  • Oasis does not have a theology. We don’t have a set curriculum. We respect the different viewpoints and philosophies of the many families 

  • The adults use the Core Values to guide the kids into developing social skills.  

  • We do have special STEAM activities. These can be inspired by an interest the kids have shared, be inspired by a Community Movement, Main Talk, or something a volunteer found. 

Special Needs/Allergies/Medical Conditions 

  • Got a child with special needs? 
    Please let us know what would make their visit best for them—we aim to be inclusive to children of all abilities. Contact  

  • Our current room has smooth concrete floors and high metal ceilings. People sensitive to noise may find the room loud even when people are speaking at normal tones. If your child normally uses ear protection/sound canceling headphones to cope with noise, we highly suggest you bring them.  

  • The Kids’ Room is PEANUT FREE because we have both kids and volunteers who are deathly allergic. This is a skin contact allergy and can cause a deadly reaction by the allergic person touching a surface that has the allergen on it.  

  • Please notify the Co-Directors of any allergies or medical conditions and we will work with you.  

Snack Table 

  • Includes fruit, Lay’s Potato Chips, and cheese depending on what is available in the stores. There is also a sports cooler with ice water. The snacks are provided by Houston Oasis 

  • The Kids’ Room is Peanut Free zone due to both children and volunteers being allergic including potentially deadly touch/skin contact version of the allergy 

  • Kids can have 1 bag of chips, and as much fruit, cheese they want 

  • Kids names are put on their plates and cups and we ask they use the same one all day.  


  • Children are escorted in small groups to the bathrooms in the gym 

  • Volunteers do not change diapers/pull ups. Parents will be texted if their child needs a change. 

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