—  Lessons learned from the Space Shuttle program - Anita Gale —  Virtual Meeting

Speaker:     Anita Gale 
Main Talk:  Lessons learned from the Space Shuttle program

Talk Description:
At the end of the Space Shuttle Program, the NASA Johnson Space Center Chief Engineer wanted to document successes and Lessons Learned from three decades of flying the vehicles.  This was accomplished with 12 hours of presentations by 50 speakers at the Space 2011 Conference of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, under the track name “Success Legacy of the Space Shuttle Program”.  Although the speakers described experiences with every element and major subsystem of the Program, common themes appeared over and over again.  This briefing was prepared after the Conference, collecting the shared wisdom of those common themes, most of which are applicable to any long-running engineering program.  The presentation will emphasize many of the specific points with stories of real incidents that illustrate their importance

Speaker Bio:
Anita Gale joined the Space Shuttle Program in 1974 with Rockwell International in Downey, California.  Most of her engineering career was in Payload and Cargo Integration, and included the Rockwell Space Division being bought by Boeing, then being transferred to the Houston area at the request of the Johnson Space Center customer.  She was a Senior Project Engineer and Associate Technical Fellow, was reassigned to Boeing Commercial Crew after Space Shuttle ended, and was retired in 2016.   

Musician Bi
Joseph Crump is a singer/songwriter & guitarist from Texas. Music has always been an extremely important part of his life. He learned the viola when he was ten, piano when he was 12, but only the guitar has really stuck with him. He learned when he was 15 and he hasn’t put it down since. He joined a band in high school and later, while attending college, a more serious band called Riverside. They had their ups and downs; the ups included packing out bars in Waco, recording two albums and an EP, and playing all over Texas and in New Mexico and Colorado. They even won a battle of the bands contest with a San Antonio radio station— their prize was to open for Chris Cagle and Asleep at the Wheel in front of a couple thousand people! But Joseph took a break from music to pursue a career as a teacher. His years as an educator have been filled with joy and gratification, but he kept feeling like something was missing. Increasingly unable to ignore the itch, he rekindled his relationship with music. He has been writing & recording songs, performing either solo acoustic or with phenomenal musicians! He is available for live performance, recording, songwriting or guitar lessons. 


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