—  Perception is a Bitch - Deji Akingbade —  Virtual Meeting

Speaker:    Deji Akingbade
Main Talk:  Perception is a Bitch
Musician :   Nicole Quinn
Talk Description: 
Perception is a Bitch. If you have ever had a moment when you look back at your life and wish you knew then what you know now.  

Perception is reality. From my perspective, that is a scary and existential thing to say. Yet quotes like this have become trite remarks. 

 We use them so often that they have lost their boogeyman and existential scare. 

 The pain of a missed opportunity, the frustration of a sour relationship caused by a miss understanding or miss interpretation point to the Influence of perception in our lives. 

 The purpose of this talk is to give a name or codify this moments.

Speaker Bio: 
Deji Akingbade is the Author and Podcast host of Perception is a Bitch. He also gave a Tedx talk on his philosophical perspectives at Kansas State University.

Musician Bio:
Nicole Quinn is ATX based Indie Neo-Folk Singer-Songwriter who hails from Houston. She has a clear, pure voice that she couples emotional relatable lyrics with a sassy comedic flair! Every song has a story to go along with it that draws you in and takes you on her journey.


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