—  Health Related Quackery - William London of Skeptical Inquirer, Quackwatch —  Virtual Meeting

Speaker:    William London
Main Talk:  Health Related Quackery

Health "experts" would rather have no regulations on their products and less accountability from any consumers' complaints or harm. Bill will present a slide show with audience participation.

Musician :   TBA

Speaker Bio: 

London, whose doctorate is in health education, teaches and writes about the promotion of health-related misinformation, sensationalism, superstition, pseudoscience, fraud, and quackery. He is the Consumer Health columnist for Skeptical Inquirer online, the editor of Quackwatch's e-newsletter Consumer Health Digest, and cohost of the Credential Watch website (a Quackwatch affiliate). He was co-founder and first president of the Ohio Council Against Health Fraud and later served as president of the National Council Against Health Fraud. William is also a scientific and technical consultant to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. This past year he has spearheaded the Center for Inquiry’s online Coronavirus Resource Center and “Dubious COVID-19 Treatments and Preventives” webpage.

Musician Bio:


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