—  Uncovering Unconscious Bias —  Virtual Meeting

Speaker:      Syed Zafar
Main Talk
:    Uncovering Unconscious Bias
Please join us for an engaging discussion on unconscious bias, the stereotypes that we form outside of our own conscious awareness. We will welcome Syed Zafar, dynamic speaker and advocate for intercultural understanding, to help us challenge our biases and think differently!

Musician:    Ken Gaines and Wayne Wilkerson

Speaker Bio:   
Syed Zafar is dedicated to improving intercultural communication. Born in Pakistan, Syed later worked in Saudi Arabia before immigrating to the United States where he began to see how his experiences integrating into different cultures could benefit his new home of Houston, Texas. 

Syed has worked to improve intercultural communication for more than 25 years. He has presented over 600 programs on intercultural communication for groups across North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

Musician Bio:   
Houston area singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer, and teacher Ken Gaines has the goal of writing great songs in just about every genre and style you can come up with. “For all the great songs that have been written I belong to a wonderful tribe who believe there are a least as many great ones still to be written.” His voice has the range to cover all styles and his supple guitar work lays down arrangements instead of just chords. His lyrics are both powerful and poetic and highlight the skills of a story teller and observer of life. In 2005 he was voted Singer Songwriter of the Year by the Academy of Texas Music and in 2007 his song “Einstein’s Violin” was nominated Song of the Year at the Texas Music Awards. 

 Ken Gaines and Wayne Wilkerson play together often and can been seen at local favorites like Anderson Fair, The Mucky Duck, and have played at Houston Oasis many times.


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