—  The Flat-Out Wonderful Katy Prairie - Katy Prairie Conservancy —  Virtual Meeting

Speaker:      Alyssa Conn
Main Talk
:    The Flat Out Wonder Katy Prairie - Katy Prairie Conservancy
The Katy Prairie Conservancy is working to preserve and conserve the greenspace of the Katy Prairie for the benefit of our region, our people, and our wildlife. Come visit and/or volunteer with us.

Musician:        Jimmy Smith

Speaker Bio:   
Alyssa is an outreach volunteer for the Katy Prairie Conservancy and is a Texas Master Naturalist.

Musician Bio:   
James Kenneth Smith has been playing professionally for about 10 years now. He worked as orchestra guitarist and solo guitarist for Royal Caribbean Cruise lines for the past 4 years but is currently on a forced unpaid sabbatical

Katy Prairie Conservancy
The Katy Prairie Conservancy vision for the future is simple: 

Save a piece of the prairie. Ensure healthy communities. Connect people with nature. Safeguard wildlife.

Since 1992, the Katy Prairie Conservancy (KPC) has been working to protect the prairie for people and wildlife while there is still time. We are a nationally accredited 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Houston, Texas, and a trusted leader in local land conservation. We are also the largest local land conservation organization, by acreage, in southeast Texas. Katy Prairie Conservancy now protects over 24,000 acres of coastal prairie in Texas. On the Katy Prairie in Harris, Ft. Bend, and Waller Counties, KPC owns nearly 13,500 acres and protects nearly 5,000 acres through conservation agreements with private landowners. KPC is also working to protect coastal prairie in other Texas counties and through conservation agreements protects an additional 6,005 acres in Matagorda and Jackson Counties. 

A once vast tallgrass prairie that is still home to hundreds of species of wildlife and native grasses and wildflowers, the prairie is also enormously productive.  The prairie offers important benefits to the region, including removing sediment and pollutants from nearby wetlands and water bodies, offering great recreational opportunities, and sequestering carbon. We also serve our community by keeping land in agriculture for local farmers and ranchers, restoring land to help hold back floodwaters, and providing one of the last strongholds for wildlife in the region. Yet, the prairie’s proximity to the fourth largest city and one of the fastest growing regions in the United States makes it an attractive site for residential and commercial development as well.

The Katy Prairie is threatened and once lost, it will never be replaced.  The Katy Prairie Conservancy is working to protect what remains while there is still time.


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