—  DREAM ( Dimensional Release of Eight Assembly Module ) Part 2 | Eric Schmitt | Weekly Sunday Gathering —  Baker Ripley, 6500 Rookin, Houston, TX

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Main Topic:  DREAM ( Dimensional Release of Eight Assembly Module ) Part 2

We have all wondered where the universe came from. In two, not-to-be-missed presentations, Dr. Eric Schmitt, will show you a Theory Of Everything (TOE) that he has developed over the course of many years. The theory is based on a simple premise which was then followed where it led. That path turned out to be extremely fruitful and has produced insight on a broad range of topics. 

The model is a form of string theory without all the extra dimensions. In order to cover the inner workings of nature, it is necessary to split the talk into two sessions, which will be presented on the consecutive weeks of 

January 15 and January 22.

The ideas will be presented in a manner that is comprehensible and relatable. Come find out what’s behind the Big Bang that created the fabric of space and its contents. You will learn how properties of the universe are emergent. Easily understandable structural models of the fundamental particles of the standard model of particle physics will be available for examination. The structural models reveal why the families of particles have their observed properties. You will see in simple form what causes charge, spin, helicity, chirality, and mass. The model also makes it easy to visualize the enigmatic “color charge” on quarks and gluons and the oscillations between neutrino types. The structural correlates of the strong nuclear force, residual strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force will be presented. The model generates a Loop Quantum Gravity model for the fabric of space, which is one of the existing models for accounting for gravity and time. Eric’s model not only produces dark matter, but it also accounts for the fraction of regular matter to total matter down to the decimal point. A possible explanation of dark energy also stems from this model. The model does a good job of accounting for the specific masses, diameters, and spacing of the subatomic particles. While the standard model is complex and the terms can be daunting, you will be able to understand from the structural models what it all means. So don’t be intimidated; come see what you are made of!
Here is the standard model of elementary particles for reference.

Speaker :  Eric Schmitt

Eric Schmitt is a retired genetic counsellor from the Baylor College of Medicine. He has a background in theoretical physics as well. He has been a long time member of the Houston Oasis community

Music : Ryan Biter

 "Inspired by the 7000-foot elevation of his Flagstaff, Arizona home, Ryan Biter loves nothing more than taking audiences on adventures scaling emotional heights and depths. Ryan immerses listeners in his warm, compelling, and deeply affecting music; he will have you flying high one song and break your heart the next. Heavily influenced by American roots music, his sound combines soul, blues, and rootsy Americana. From those roots he expands to deliver a strong Indie-Rock sound. His masterful guitar work partners with his poignant songwriting, and a powerful emotional voice that cuts to the core. His music amplifies something deep and spiritual. Biter is a nationally touring artist and a three-time featured songwriter at the Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival, a 2022 Kerrville New Folk Finalist, and a 2022 Songwriters Serenade Finalist. He has been featured on both nationally and internationally syndicated radio. He has shared the stage with numerous acts including the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. His third studio album Training Wheels, featuring an ambitious full-bodied indie-rock, Americana/blues sound, is slated for release Spring 2022."

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