—  "Your Eye Shall Have No Pity": Old Testament Violence and Modern Evangelical Morality | Dr. Joshua Bowen | Music: Galvezton | Weekly Sunday Gathering —  The Montrose Center 401 Branard St #106, Houston, TX 77006

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Main Topic: "Your Eye Shall Have No Pity": Old Testament Violence and Modern Evangelical Morality

Main Speaker: Dr. Joshua Bowen

Music:  Galvezton

Community Moment: Volunteering in National Parks by Jenni Gillespie

Main Talk Summary :

The violence that appears throughout the Old Testament has presented no small problem for Evangelical Christians who wish to build their ethical systems upon or derive their values from this sacred text. While philosophical issues like the "problem of evil" are challenging for theism in general, their difficulties increase dramatically when their specific god, Yahweh, commands actions that we would consider to be grossly immoral. In this presentation, Dr. Bowen will show how the God of the Bible demands his people commit genocide on groups of foreigners and how Christian apologists and evangelicals attempt to excuse and explain away these violent commands. 

Main Speaker Bio:

Dr. Joshua Bowen is an Assyriologist and YouTuber with extensive training in the languages of the Ancient Near East. His first publication, Learn to Read Ancient Sumerian: An Introduction for Complete Beginners, aimed to make the world's oldest written language available to everyone. He is an enthusiastic communicator of academic information, and works hard to make the ancient world accessible to non-specialists.

Musician Bio :

GALVEZTON is the moniker that eclectic writer/indie rock and roll folk musician Robert Kuhn uses to release music and perform under. The stage name was adopted prior to the 2022 release, PERSEVERE, where Kuhn’s folk/world music roots took a turn towards a sound that is described as “less easy to categorize”. 2022 also marked the release of Kuhn’s first book, LEAVING IS RETURNING (Weasel Press), an autobiographical novel about life and travel in Central and South American indigenous villages.The name GALVEZTON draws reference to his home and the barrier island’s collective creative/cultural scene which gave rise to his band, music and the community organizing movement, La Izquierda, an annual surf and music festival (first weekend in May) and a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to enriching local culture and communities on the Gulf Coast by getting people together with music, art and the ocean. Robert returned to his birthplace of Texas in 2010 and released his first album, EVERYBODY KNOWS, in 2014. It was embraced by the local press enough to free him from a shirt factory day job and open doors for touring the United States and Mexico both as a solo acoustic songwriter and with a surfy rocknroll band. The new album, Some Kinda Love”, is a 9 song live tribute to the Velvet Underground and scheduled for the release in February of 2024.

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The Montrose Center 

401 Branard St #106

Houston, TX 77006

We are on the first floor of the Montrose Center (One level above the ground floor) in room #107 across from the elevators. You will need to take either the stairs or the elevator to get to Floor 1

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