—  Chicken Blood, Satanic Monuments, and Other Dilemmas of Religious Freedom | Joseph Laycock | Music: Kory Quinn | Weekly Sunday Gathering March 3 2024 —  The Montrose Center 401 Branard St #106, Houston, TX 77006

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Main Topic: Chicken Blood, Satanic Monuments, and Other Dilemmas of Religious Freedom

Main Speaker: Joseph Laycock

Music: Kory Quinn

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Main Talk Summary :

Americans are very proud of the bill of rights, but few have much understanding of what those right actually mean, as interpreted by the Supreme Court. This is especially the case where religious freedom is concerned. Is animal sacrifice legal? What about peyote? Why was Hobby Lobby given an exemption from the Affordable Care Act? Is there actually a war on Christmas? What legally counts as a religion anyway? This talk will explore the jurisprudence surrounding the free exercise clause and the establishment clause of the first amendment.

Main Speaker Bio:

Joseph P. Laycock is an associate professor of religious studies at Texas State University. He is a co-general editor for the journal Nova Religio. He has written several books, most recently The Exorcist Effect: Religion, Media, and Demonic Belief (Oxford University Press, 2023).

Musician Bio :

A revelation! Kory Quinn is the steady pendulum of a land oil rig. He swings betwixt misery and pride. Over the last decade with seven official self-releases Kory Quinn has tapped inspiration. He explores the complexities inherent in the immorality of capitalism and the individual purpose found in one’s work. With uncanny awareness aims his bead at the exact point where two disparate paradigms collide. He speaks of the greater implications of our reliance on fossil fuels, corrupt political system, the opioid epidemic, mental health, fear, etc. Even as he tackles such heaviness, the songs are boisterous, driving, and hopeful. The perfect rallying cry for humanity from the heart of a working man.

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The Montrose Center 

401 Branard St #106

Houston, TX 77006

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