—  May Bar Night w/ Dave Farina : Bowlero May 20 2023 —  925 Bunker Hill Rd · Houston, TX 77024

Come out for the Houston Oasis May bar night! This month we will be doing something a little different and hosting our event at a local bowling alley. There will be food and drinks available, and if you're up for bowling, you can do that too!

This is also an opportunity to hang out with Houston Oasis guest speaker Dave Farina in a casual and social setting. Dave is a well-known science communicator known for his YouTube channel Professor Dave Explains. He has over 2 million subscribers and makes easily digestible videos on topics such as chemistry, biology, and physics. He's also known for his debunking style videos, especially regarding flat earthers. Dave will be speaking at Houston Oasis on Sunday, May 21st.

When ? Saturday May 20 at 7 PM

925 Bunker Hill Rd

Houston, TX 77024

Find the heathens in Oasis shirts! For more info contact [email protected]