—  Above and Beyond Adolescent Atheism —  Virtual Meeting

Speaker: David Oliverio
Musicians: Jay Bee Zay and Ben Grafton

Main Talk: Above and Beyond Adolescent Atheism

Speaker Bio:

David was a Pentecostal preacher from 1976-1989. He lost his faith in 1990 and began a journey that led him to become a Secular Humanist activist. His passion is promoting and advancing Humanism as an alternative to theistic religion , through his You Tube show The Preaching Humanist, public speaking, and Saturday sign holding activism.

Muscians Bio:

Jay Bee Zay and The Nightcrawlers are an established well-rounded band in many genres, including folk, punk, blues, pop, and acoustic from Houston, TX.

Benjamin Grafton, a native of Houston, combines elements of folk, rock, and songwriter with the occasional hint of hip hop. Benjamin has played piano, guitar, and sang for over 20 years and obtained an Associates in Music from Austin Community College in 2009. Some of his biggest influences include MJ, Elton and Billy, both Bob's (Marley and Dylan), and David Matthews. Benjamin is currently recording and co-producing his first 2 EP's and plays keys/sings backup vocals for Jay Bee Zay and the Nightcrawlers.

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