—  Hurricane Preparation —  Virtual

Speaker:      Alexis Potaman

Main Talk:    Hurricane Preparation
Staring up at a 100 foot pine, it can be hard to remember Houston is a coastal city until were in the path of a storm. This presentation will walk you through what you need to know to prepare yourself before you're elbowing your way through the store for water.

Musician:     Mark Towns

Speaker Bio:

Musician Bio:        
In a solo setting, Mark Towns' dazzling Jazz & Flamenco-fueled guitar work is showcased live with accompanying mix tracks hand picked by Mark himself. Mark Towns' solo guitar performances are custom-tailored to fit any setting, providing either up-tempo party grooves or elegant background ambiance--or a combination of both--depending on the needs of the event. For a fun, danceable party vibe, Mark's up-tempo performance of Latin, Soul, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Blues, and Jazz grooves will provide the perfect soundtrack. Or, if elegant guitar ambiance is desired, Mark will delight listeners with a sublime mix of Romantic Spanish Flamenco Jazz, Bossa Novas, Boleros, Ballads, and Exotic Island grooves. As legendary jazz guitarist Larry Coryell noted, “There are only a few really good guitar players. Mark Towns is one of them.”

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