—  The History of Alcoholics Anonymous —  6500 Rookin

Speaker:  Richard Andrews

Main Talk:  The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

Musician:    Houston Ensemble

Speaker Bio:
Richard is a long time Oasien, and has given both Community Moments and talks at Houston Oasis.  He co-hosted Corona Virus Conservations for over a year during the pandemic.

Richard ran for the Texas State Senate in 2020, and the following bio is paraphrased from his website.

Richard was born in Rhode Island and then moved around a bit before  coming to Houston in 2008. He moved to Spain with his family when he was one year old, and attended American schools there until finishing high school. His middle-class parents were US government workers, his dad was a chemist, and his mom was a 1st-grade teacher. His first spoken language was Spanish but all his education has been in English.

He studied undergraduate geography at Indiana University, and then entered active duty in the US Naval Reserve. He served as a naval officer on two different ships and left with an honorable discharge.

Richard did medical school at Univ. of Connecticut, Family Medicine at Georgetown Univ., and Preventive Medicine at Johns Hopkins. He did extra studies in bariatric medicine. He has treated city folks in Washington DC, Baltimore and Houston, as well as country folks on Virginia's Eastern Shore. He is interested in many aspects of medicine, and recently got qualified to treat opioid addiction.

He was once married and has no children.  He considers himself a secular humanist, but finds discussion and exploration of religious beliefs fascinating. He respects all faiths. 

Musician Bio:        
Cory Wilson was born in Houston and has played saxophone in the jazz scene for over 20 years. In 2018 he collaborated with bassist Chad Wesselkamper and guitarist Armen Movsesyan to create The Houston Ensemble, a versatile and creative vehicle that has been extremely fulfilling and terribly fun. They have been proud to provide original music as well as classic jazz (and many other genres of music) to our great city and are looking forward to playing for you! 


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