CB & Kevin's Story | Houston Oasis

Tell us about yourself...

We are a married gay couple. One of us is retired, the other works in IT. We were married in 2013 in New York but have been together since 2001. We enjoy attending theatrical performances, enjoying opera, ballet and plays. We’re also fans of UH Cougar football and basketball with season tickets to both. Kevin enjoys fishing and CB enjoys “tagging along." Kevin has lived in Alaska and CB in Chicago. CB is also a US Army veteran. We both grew up in South Texas, Kevin in San Antonio and CB in the Rio Grande Valley.  

As gay people, we’re fully aware that much of humanity’s past includes the persecution and also the death of people who are not of the heterosexual persuasion. We fully understand that the recent conservative turn in the United States could result in the same for us and others. With that in mind, we are active in measures to raise awareness of these conditions and hopefully deter any violent actions against people who are not ethnically white heterosexuals.  

How long have you been attending Oasis?

August 2015

Why do you attend Oasis?

Oasis is a wonderfully accepting group of people.

What do you like most about Oasis and why?

The friendships we have made.

How has Oasis made a difference in your life?

Oasis brings an exposure to the diversity of other people’s lives that was not present before our attending this fellowship.