Ian's Story | Houston Oasis

Tell us about yourself...

I moved to Houston from Florida in 2016.  Currently, I am working towards my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Houston.  Some of my hobbies include: dancing, yoga, and rock climbing. 

How long have you been attending Oasis?

I’ve been attending Oasis since fall of 2017.

Why do you attend Oasis?

I attend Oasis to meet like-minded people.

What do you like most about Oasis and why?

My favorite part of Oasis is the opportunity for social interaction. There are lots of events to participate in to meet new and interesting people.

How has Oasis made a difference in your life?

Oasis have given me a sense of community. Before this, I never had a group where I truly fit in. For me, Oasis has made Houston home.