Tell us about yourself...

I have lived in Houston my whole life and was born in the hospital I currently work for! I work as a Histotechnologist in a pathology lab. As a Histotechnologist, I work along Pathologists to provide stained slides of tissue for diagnosis and research. In May of 2018, my father received a life-saving heart transplant as he was in the hospital close to death while waiting for a new heart. Ever since then I have been very passionate about organ donation and dream of the day when science can enable us to make organs for transplants. In my free time, I can be found practicing yoga as it helps me relax.

How long have you been attending Oasis?

Five years.

Why do you attend Oasis?

Being part of a community of people with similar values provides a great feeling of belonging. 

What do you like most about Oasis and why?

The people! There is a diverse set of people that I have become friends with. Even though many of us have similar values there is still plenty of differences which makes the community interesting and fun. The coffee is good, too!

How has Oasis made a difference in your life?

I started going to Oasis around the time I was starting college, so having a support group during those tough years was beneficial to my well-being.