Tell us about yourself...

I grew up in South Texas and went to a non-denominational private school.  That’s where I became a believer and a (mostly) good Christian kid.  As I went into high school and college, then into med school and real life…that belief slowly eroded away.  

I felt comfortable breaking my ties with Jesus in about my early 30s, and my path to agnosticism/atheism was a slow one from there.  I absolutely love knowing that I’ll do as much good as I can with this brief life, and when my time is done, this Earth keeps spinning, and my energy will return to this vast beautiful Universe that we are part of.

I like healing and educating people, live music, good food and company, exercise when I have time, and travel when I have time.  If I could choose another life path, I would be a physicist or maybe help solve crime cases.  Oh, and I’m a prankster.

How long have you been attending Oasis?

Since May 2016

Why do you attend Oasis?

I feel like it re-charges my “battery."

What do you like most about Oasis and why?

I love the mix of learning and socializing and volunteer work at Oasis.

How has Oasis made a difference in your life?

I find myself embracing the way that I think more than ever before because I am part of a voice/tapestry/group that I am very proud of.  That stays with me in my daily life.