Our Volunteers

Our volunteers continue to help build our Secular Community.
The Board of Directors would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has helped make Oasis, Oasis - you have done a fabulous job and we all owe you immense gratitude.

Areas of current need:

  • Sunday Gathering
    • Video Streaming host
      • Welcome people online
      • Consolidate questions between Zoom and Youtube
      • Can be done remotely
    • Lending Library Coordinator
      • Bring/Take books each week
    • Speaker’s Committee
      • Does not have to be present on Sunday mornings
      • Find and schedule a diverse array of speakers for Sunday morning per our speakers’ guidelines
    • Welcome Committee
      • Help welcome people as they enter Oasis
    • Childcare Room
      • 2 volunteers
      • Bring materials each week
  • Social Events (multiple people)
    • Coordinating location for Dining Beyond Borders
  • Intra-Oasis Volunteer Coordinator
    • Work with board and community leaders to identify areas within Oasis that need additional assistance and connect them with volunteers or connect new volunteers to a new area where they can lend their skills.
Upcoming Volunteer needs
While these are our immediate needs, we are looking toward the future and have identified areas that volunteers will be needed starting next year:
  • Building Search
  • Fundraising Committee

If you are interested in volunteering for Houston Oasis, please contact the Board of Directors at [email protected]