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About Houston Oasis

Houston Oasis is a secular community that meets weekly on Sunday mornings here to enjoy fascinating talks, live music, and conversation. We are part of the Oasis Network of secular communities.

These five core values define the Oasis community:

  • People are more important than beliefs
  • Reality is known through reason
  • Meaning comes from making a difference
  • Human hands solve human problems
  • Be accepting and be accepted
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"Being part of a community of people with similar values provides a great feeling of belonging..."
— Sara
"I absolutely love knowing that I’ll do as much good as I can with this brief life, and when my time is done..."
— Wil
"Oasis have given me a sense of community...for me, Oasis has made Houston home."
— Ian
"...the intellectual honesty, diversity, positive attitude, and purpose...is unique."
— Tim
"I love the live music and the talks are always interesting and cover such a wide range of topics and perspectives."
— Sarah
CB & Kevin
" Oasis brings an exposure to the diversity of other people’s lives not present before our attending..."
— CB & Kevin
"I have always been surrounded in a deep Christian culture, though I realized I was no longer..."
— Megan
Connect, Be Inspired, and Feel Empowered

Connect, Be Inspired, and Feel Empowered

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The Godless Dollars

In 2007 the US Mint started releasing a new series of dollar coins. The series would include four designs a year for up to ten years and each design would feature the portrait of a US president, in the order in which he served – earning them the name “the presidential dollar series."

We are the Difference

I don’t get too excited about a lot of things. My highs are not too high, and my lows are not too low. I tend to live in a moderate, middle, calm area that I sometimes call Zen. Now in my mid 40s, I’ve realized some ideas that DO excite and energize me...

Sharing the Credit

I'm a biologist and wildlife photographer. So I have spent my lifetime engaged in the study of living things. When I’ve spoken at Oasis, that relationship between us and other living things was front and center, or peripheral, but it was always there.