Presenting the Oasis Care Team

The strength of any community is dependent on shared vision, trust and support. With that in mind, we have formed a Care Response Team. The Oasis Care Response Team is dedicated to overseeing secular celebrations of life as well as being actively present in times of need. The members have complementary skills and dispositions and have much to offer the Oasis Community.

Having been at the first Oasis meeting and a part of the many thoughtful discussions that resulted in our Core Values and the organization of Oasis, I believe the time is right to look at things again. We offer a secular alternative to religious community that works well. However when major life events happen what can the community offer? The Oasis Care Team now offers certified officiants. With the Universal Life Church, we are working on a humanist chaplaincy and we are ready to help create individual and special celebrations that reflect the values and interests of Oasis members.

Coming Together for Life’s Key Points

When Nick was born, Gosha and Alexis decided to present him to the Oasis community in their own way. They came to the front of the room and as the opening from The Lion King played the first note, Gosha raised him high into the air and everyone clapped and cheered for our new precious member of the Oasis pride. What a wonderful loving moment we all shared.

When Bruce died Jean created a fitting tribute to her husband that involved many of our Oasis Community members and was a beautiful event celebrating his life. In that trying time an idea began to form. Our community needs to have something in place for life events as needed by our community.

With others, like Jon Valfre, the Care Team could have been instrumental in celebrating his life or in helping his widow make Ball of the difficult decisions that arise at the end of life. We’re putting plans into place now, so we’ll be prepared when those inevitable sad times arise.

Your Care Team is ready to establish new traditions with your needs in mind. We want Oasis to play an active role in as much of your life as you want it to, for our community to have secular options and care available.

Care Team Members: Terry Ismert, Josh Richards, Jean Horst, Jennifer Paden and Marina Dupuy.

Mission statement of the Oasis Care Team:

To provide support, comfort, and compassion to Houston Oasis and its members in times of need and celebration. The officers of the committee will function as celebrants when needed, such as at weddings, funerals and other life events.

Active Care Key Responsibilities

  • To facilitate in celebrating and supporting the Houston Oasis community by providing care in times of need.
  • Visiting and assisting members of Houston Oasis who are unwell or experiencing a difficult time.
  • Functioning as secular chaplains when the need or desire arises. Helping to coordinate and officiate life events.
  • Creating programs to better serve Houston Oasis members.
  • Occasional outreach to Houston Oasis members or those desiring outreach who are incarcerated.
  • To identify needs and take care of members of our community. Providing active listening and emotional support.

The key networking goals of the Care Team are to identify members of the Oasis community with skills, resources and the desire to help in order to create a strong network of support to help during times of need. We want to create a strong in-house support system that functions quickly and efficiently. And finally, we want to develop a system of contact and support so we can help with minimal bother and overlap to the person(s) dealing with a major life event.