It started just how they said on Oprah. You were always sorry after. And I always came back.

The Joy of Teaching Art

I was interviewed recently by a couple of authors who are writing a book on the history of art education. Okay, glad to contribute...

But What about the "What-Abouts?"

Have you heard this? “But what about before the Big Bang?” “What about life coming from inorganic material?” “What about missing links?” “But what about consciousness?”


Dad and Irene, his first wife, grew up in Sylvester, TX, a small, dusty, West Texas town with no more than a few hundred people in the whole county. Dad never talked about Irene.

Grief without God

Conventional wisdom in the conservative, religious circles of my evangelical days is that dealing with death without the belief in a god and the corresponding afterlife is unbearable. In the early days after I walked away from religion without a backward glance, I often wondered what secular humanists and atheists offered to the grieving to replace that “comfort.”

Becoming American: An Immigrant's Journey

When I was very young, America was “el otro lado.” The other side. That ominous, vaguely mystical phrase was how people around me in Mexico referred to my future home country. This little phrase forever colored the way that I saw the US.

Where there are No Lines

My Chinese parents are not tigers. They did not rage when I brought home poor grades; they did not resort to corporal punishment, except on the truly rare occasion.

Eating Nails: Hierarchical Humanism

“I’m your father - if I tell you to eat nails, you eat nails” – a close translation of a phrase my father would use on me time and time again during our disagreements...

Exercise and Spirituality

Mr. Marat, a Muslim coworker, and I had just driven together to an urgent meeting when, as I was impatient to rush out of the car, he asked me to wait for him as he completed his prayer...

Raised without Religion

Several community moment speakers have described their experiences growing up in a family strongly committed to a particular religion such as Southern Baptist or Christian Science.

Craving Community

I love Alexis' vision for 2019: Community. I see myself as an integral part of that vision, and I hope that many of you do as well.