The Joy of Teaching Art

I was interviewed recently by a couple of authors who are writing a book on the history of art education. Okay, glad to contribute...

Magnum Melon

When we consider the vast breadth of human experience, from wallowing ignorance to lofty enlightenment, groveling servitude to autocratic fiat, dry-mouthed poverty to sybaritic excess, abject suffering to full-beamed health, one final question lingers unanswered, tantalizing and cloying: why are our heads so big?

A Review: Wholly Family -- The Humans, Faith, and Knowing

The Humans by Stephen Karam played at The Alley Theater in Houston on March 1-24. This complicated family drama follows the Blake Clan, an Irish-Catholic family, on a Thanksgiving holiday as they help their youngest daughter, Bridgid, move into her new Chinatown duplex apartment in New York with her boyfriend, Richard.