The Oasien Life of Georgie Franks Hunter

I’ve pondered a lot and questioned a lot since my mother was first diagnosed with glioblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer, and even more since her premature death at a very young and vivacious 66 years old. Mom attended Oasis with me a few times, and she fit right in here.

An Oasien Visits Sunday Assembly in London

Both Sunday Assembly and the Oasis Network seek to create secular communities. In fact their taglines at the time were “Celebrating Life Together” and “Celebrating the Human Experience” respectively. For those that miss the community aspect that religion brings, both places can be a haven.

The Perfect Secular Holiday

When I was a kid, Christmas was the best time of year. My brother and I would go to school one morning early in December and by the time we’d get home the inside of our house had transformed...

Passion, Meaning, and Community

Growing up in the church allowed me to cultivate passions that have led to a richer life. And while I’m no longer a Christian, I realize that Oasis provides this same opportunity.