Musings of an Oasien: Activism and Happiness

Sometimes I like to step back and take a look at myself from a distance, as much as that is possible, that is. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, and I’ve noticed one thing in particular: I’ve been spreading myself out kind of thin. My work and time with my daughters are fairly stable constants in my life.

On Being Human: Some Reflections on Consciousness

From the working of the eye to the process of cell division, the human body is one very impressive piece of self-replicating engineering. For many this thought is dispiriting. If we’re simply machines, what makes us special?

A Journey to Freethought

Like a great many people, Oasis folks included, I was brought up religious. I went to church on Sundays and Wednesdays. I participated in church children’s choirs, attended Sunday school and participated in other church-related activities...

Evidence Unseen: A Christian Interacts with Oasis

Faith is a funny thing. You don't know it's there until you see it-- and it's not necessarily religious. It's that twenty minutes you wait for a date to show up, hoping they won't ghost you. Or the space between the time your check engine light goes off, and your next paycheck.

The Sad Truth About Accidents

We live in Houston, the long-time home and heart of the oil and gas and petrochemical manufacturing industries in the United States. These industries make the news all over the world entirely too often because of a never-ending stream of explosions, fires, releases, spills, injuries and fatalities...

In Their Shoes

With all the antipathy and insensitivity that seems to have dominated our lives over the past couple of years, now more than ever, our world needs people to be tolerant and respectful toward one another.

Thankfulness: Moving on from my Past

In the midst of the Thanksgiving season, what’s a newly de-converted person thankful for? Probably the same things appreciated by long-time atheist and Christian friends alike. The basics being: family, food, shelter, income, and Netflix. But there’s all sorts of wonderful things I’m thankful for...

My View on an Afterlife as a Secular Person

My mother died unexpectedly on July 8th. Yes, she happened to be diagnosed with a brain tumor fifteen years prior to that, live cancer-free for eleven years, and have it return to leave her with a right-side disability for four years leading to her death...

Finding Purpose in an Increasingly Automated World

There has been a lot of discussion about automation, artificial intelligence, and how technology in general will impact our future. Most of these discussions are centered on concerns of how income and wealth will be distributed when only a small fraction of humanity can be meaningfully employed.