Presenting the Oasis Care Team

The strength of any community is dependent on shared vision, trust and support. With that in mind, we have formed a Care Response Team. The Oasis Care Response Team is dedicated to overseeing secular celebrations of life as well as being actively present in times of need.

Religion, Atheism and Science

I have always been intensely curious and from an early age read science books from the travelling library van that visited the farm where I grew up....

What is your Argument Really About? Working Toward Understanding

Everybody has had a “I said this,” “you said that” argument in their life. I would dare to say that it is the most common form of argument that a person has. When we are communicating to somebody, we are confident we formed the clearest possible sentences and that the other person understands us completely...

Exercise and Spirituality

Mr. Marat, a Muslim coworker, and I had just driven together to an urgent meeting when, as I was impatient to rush out of the car, he asked me to wait for him as he completed his prayer...

Raised without Religion

Several community moment speakers have described their experiences growing up in a family strongly committed to a particular religion such as Southern Baptist or Christian Science.

A Review: Wholly Family -- The Humans, Faith, and Knowing

The Humans by Stephen Karam played at The Alley Theater in Houston on March 1-24. This complicated family drama follows the Blake Clan, an Irish-Catholic family, on a Thanksgiving holiday as they help their youngest daughter, Bridgid, move into her new Chinatown duplex apartment in New York with her boyfriend, Richard.

That's No Angel

There’s a popular series of French gold 20 Franc and 100 Franc coins that were produced from around 1870-1898...

Craving Community

I love Alexis' vision for 2019: Community. I see myself as an integral part of that vision, and I hope that many of you do as well.

Heirs of the Enlightenment

It is amazing how many ideas seep in from the past that we aren’t fully cognizant of. It is, of course, easy to point out the negative ones: the racist, xenophobic, sexist, and tribalistic habits of the past can dog us when we’re unaware, and a greater understanding of them can help us more readily guard against them.

Musings of an Oasien: Activism and Happiness

Sometimes I like to step back and take a look at myself from a distance, as much as that is possible, that is. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, and I’ve noticed one thing in particular: I’ve been spreading myself out kind of thin. My work and time with my daughters are fairly stable constants in my life.

On Being Human: Some Reflections on Consciousness

From the working of the eye to the process of cell division, the human body is one very impressive piece of self-replicating engineering. For many this thought is dispiriting. If we’re simply machines, what makes us special?